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Tanya Moore ADA Lawsuits

Update: The Tanya Moore Law Firm recently changed their name to the Mission Law Firm. Unfortunately, they're still filing plenty of ADA lawsuits.

Tanya Moore with the Mission Law Firm in San Jose California is a notorious abuser of the Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA"). Ms. Moore works with a whole stable of professional plaintiffs that she uses to sue businesses throughout California. Make no mistake, suing for ADA violations is a business to Tanya Moore, not merely a law practice.

My law firm has represented businesses throughout California that have been sued by Tanya Moore and the Moore Law Firm. If you have been targeted, you need strong and effective representation to help you navigate through the complex federal court process.

Tanya Moore's Modus Operandi

Tanya Moore uses copy-and-paste lawsuits shakedown businesses for her own personal financial gain. Did you know that her law firm is one of the largest filers of ADA cases in the entire state?

Tanya Moore uses a variety of professional plaintiffs to bring these ADA lawsuits. Working with her husband Ronald Moore, the two attorneys openly admit to filing as many lawsuits as possible because they make money doing so.

The Moore Law Firm believes that you as a small business owner are guilty of violating the law, and their goal is to make sure that they can make money off of you. It is time to take a stand against these shakedown lawsuits.

Tanya Moore's Stable of Professional ADA Plaintiffs

Below is a brief synopsis of the various people The Moore Law Firm uses to sue businesses for hyper-technical violations of the ADA.

Albert Dytch
Arthur Owens
Cecil Shaw
Cleveland Vickers
Francisca Moralez
Hendrik Block
Jose Acosta
Jose Escobedo
Jose Trujillo
Rachel Bryant
Rachel Lobato
Robert Kalani
Ronald Moore
Ronny-Marie Wilson


What to do if you have been sued by Tanya Moore and the Mission Law Firm

Tanya Moore and her associates do not provide defendants with the courtesy of a demand letter prior to filing suit. For most of my clients, the first notice they received of any ADA trouble was the official summons and complaint.

Swift action is required to successfully navigate a Federal ADA lawsuit. Common action items in most ADA cases include:

  1. Make a note of the day upon which you were served with the lawsuit.
  2. Obtain legal representation.
  3. Obtain a CASp inspection of your business property.
  4. Formulate a plan to bring your business property into full compliance with the ADA, if needed, and start work as soon as possible.
  5. Work with your attorney to evaluate your legal defenses to the lawsuit.
  6. Respond to the ADA lawsuit in the Federal Court within 21 days of being served to prevent a default judgement.
  7. Fight the case or enter into early settlement negotiations with the Plaintiff.

If you have been sued by the Moore Law Firm or any of the individual plaintiffs listed above, please call my law firm at (916) 333-2222. I can help you resolve these lawsuits or even fight back against these abusers of the ADA.

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