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Scott Johnson is in the News Again

Sacramento TV station News 10 recently investigated the large number of ADA lawsuits filed by Scott Johnson this year in the Sacramento area. You can read their report online.

As I reported on my blog in September, Scott Johnson has filed over 50 lawsuits this year alone.

Common amongst his lawsuits are unbelievably high demands to settle. More frustrating is the fact that plaintiffs in these cases suffer no actual injury or harm. These professional plaintiffs feign “embarrassment and discomfort” without providing any actual evidence of their harm. They then ask for tens of thousands of dollars in damages.

Instead of demanding that business owners comply with the law, Scott Johnson immediately files suit, often without any warning or opportunity to cure accessibility defects. It is sad to say that these lawsuits are thinly-veiled shakedowns of Sacramento businesses.

A business owner is well advised to take immediate steps to determine whether his or her property is in full compliance with ADA accessibility requirements before a lawsuit is filed.

If you need assistance determining whether your property complies with ADA requirements, please contact my office immediately. I am happy to discuss Scott Johnson ADA lawsuits with you. My phone number is (916) 333-2222.