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Scott Johnson Has Filed Over 50 ADA Lawsuits in 2013

Access-related lawsuits continue to clog the federal courts here in Sacramento in 2013. Scott Johnson, a prolific ADA litigant, has filed over 50 ADA lawsuits in Sacramento this year alone.

Scott Johnson isn’t the only frequent ADA litigant in the Sacramento area. George Louie and Jason Singleton are also common names that pop up in the court files.

The best way for a Sacramento business to avoid being sued under the ADA is to make sure that your business location is 100% up to code. This typically requires an expert site evaluation by a CASp, which typically costs between $400-800. It is better to spend money on prevention instead of on attorney's fees and settlement payments.

These lawsuits have closed countless Sacramento businesses. As an attorney, I hate to see a small business close under the pressure of litigation.

Please contact my office immediately if you are served with a Scott Johnson lawsuit or ADA access demand letter. I can be reached at (916) 333-2222.