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Sacramento Business Attorney

Businesses in Sacramento face no shortage of legal challenges each and every day. From new and changing laws and regulations, to constant legal threats from regulators and even former employees, business owners have their hands full in the State Capitol.

It is common to say that California is a tough place to do business. The laws in this state make running a business a challenge. I pride myself in helping business owners level the playing field.

Legal Advice, Contracts and Drafting

Let my firm be your virtual in-house counsel. I provide a plethora of legal services to local businesses, including general advice, drafting of legal documents, receivables collection, and pre-litigation negotiations.

Using the same old templates and boilerplate forms can cause you great heartache. California laws are always changing, and even minor issues of non-compliance can be costly. Let my law office guide you through the specific requirements for your industry or profession. After all, staying compliant with California's ever-changing laws is a job in and of itself.

Employment Litigation

New laws being passed in Sacramento are giving plaintiff’s lawyers new ways to sue businesses for what are generally minor violations of the law.

A disgruntled ex-employee with an axe to grind has no shortage of statutes to pick from when deciding to sue his or her former employer.

California law unfairly allows a plaintiff to force the other party to pay their attorney's fees while not giving that same right to a prevailing defendant. These attorney's fees can often amount to more than the damages in the case. As such, it is important to have a strong defense and not cave in to a greedy Plaintiff's demands.

My firm will fight for your business and defend against these unreasonable lawsuits. You work hard for your money, and you should not be forced to pay unreasonable claims merely to get them to "go away." Putting up a strong defense sends a message that you and your business are not easily bullied.

My law firm strives to keep representation affordable without compromising the quality of your defense.

Given the stakes at hand in employment litigation, you need an aggressive attorney on your side. I'm ready and willing to help. Call me at (916) 333-2222 to discuss.

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