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Sacramento Lawyer Rick Morin A large part of my law practice is defending business owners and land owners sued by predatory ADA plaintiffs throughout California. From vigorous defense tactics in the federal courts to efficient settlements, I have the tools to guide you through this difficult process.

Printed below is some general information about the continued problems that ADA cases create for California business owners. I also keep up-to-date with legislation pending in Sacramento that purport to help with these lawsuits.

Please do not hesitate to call me if you have questions about an ADA lawsuit or demand in Northern California. I can be reached at (916) 333-2222.

ADA lawsuit abuse is a real problem

Many businesses in Sacramento are threatened with lawsuits because of alleged violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Unfortunately, these threats rarely contain any supporting evidence of an actual denial of access or injury.

Typically, an ADA demand letter will reference a vague "injury" or "injuries" and will state a demand for thousands of dollars to "settle" the case.

While most businesses want to make their facilities open and convenient for all Californians, these threats of legal action do little to advance the cause of disabled Americans. A cottage industry of professional plaintiffs has emerged that bring these claims repeatedly. Political leaders in Sacramento and in Washington DC have called for reforms of the ADA laws to reign in these actions — but not much is actually being done to rein in the abuse.

Even with new laws, business owners need a lawyer on their side when faced with an ADA lawsuit or legal demand. Not every business owner has the time or expertise needed to resolve these complaints satisfactorily.

My law firm will properly address threatening ADA demand letters and represent you in court if a lawsuit is filed against your business.

The best defense is a good offense

The best defense against an ADA lawsuit is to ensure that your business meets current statutory requirements. I can help refer you to an architect or other compliance professional to evaluate your current accessibility situation.

A modest amount of money spent on preventative measures could save you thousands down the road.

Don't ignore ADA lawsuit threats or customer complaints

Don't wait until a lawsuit is filed to contact an attorney. My law office can advocate for you at the early stages of a complaint to ensure a fair and reasonable outcome.

In situations where no actual denial of access has occurred, I am prepared to defend your business all the way through a jury trial. I will fight for you and your business reputation in these situations.

If you receive an ADA demand in the mail or if you are served with a lawsuit, contact my law firm immediately. Time is of the essence and you do not want to be unprepared.

Don't settle an ADA lawsuit or demand without first talking to an attorney. Call me at (916) 333-2222 if you have been served with a lawsuit or demand.

Frequent ADA Fliers

Most ADA lawsuits in California are filed by a small number of professional ADA law firms. Here is a list of the most prolific ADA filers in California.

Center for Disability Access

The Center for Disability Access is probably the top filer in California. They operate statewide, from San Diego to Sacramento.

Common named plaintiffs include: Scott Johnson, Chris Langer, Shirley Lindsay, James Zarian, Daniel Lopez, Rafael Arroyo, Robert Elguezabal, Raul Uriarte-Limon, Scott Schutza, and Samuel Zarian.

The Mission Law Firm / Tanya Moore

Tanya Moore's law firm used to be called "The Moore Law Firm." Now they go by the name "The Mission Law Firm." Tanya Moore is based out of San Jose.

Common named plaintiffs include: Albert Dytch, Arthur Owens, Cecil Shaw, Cleveland Vickers, Francisca Moralez, Hendrik Block, Jose Acosta, Jose Escobedo, Jose Trujillo, Rachel Bryant, Rachel Lobato, Robert Kalani, Ronald Moore, and Ronny-Marie Wilson.

Other High Frequency Firms

  • Peter Kristofer Strojnik
  • David Wakefield
  • Disabled Advocacy Group APLC
  • Daniel Malakauskas
  • So Cal Equal Access Group
  • Ascension Law Group

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