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Shopping for legal services in Sacramento can be difficult — but it doesn't have to be. Not everyone has engaged the services of an attorney before. Because of this, I have decided to provide some basic information about the costs of my legal services.

Remember: you get what you pay for. I invite you to contact my office to determine whether my law firm would be a good fit for your legal needs. I am confident that you will find that my law firm delivers good value for your money.

Each legal matter is unique and the information presented here should be considered a general guide.

Business Law / Legal Advice

I am often asked to provide legal advice on a specific subject. Sometimes the answer to a question is readily available; other times, in-depth legal research and analysis is required. Moreover, I am often asked to prepare things like demand letters, contracts, offer letters, or other legal documents.

I enjoy providing these "a la carte" legal services to businesses and individuals in Sacramento. For most modest engagements such as the items listed above, my firm has a $1,000 minimum retainer and I will charge $300 per hour to complete these tasks.


My firm charges $300 per hour for litigation services. All litigation is handled on a retainer basis. That means that you will be asked to provide a retainer deposit at the beginning of your representation. My firm will bill against your retainer deposit monthly.

Any unused funds will be returned to you at the end of your case. Conversely, if my firm extinguishes your initial retainer deposit and work remains to be done, we will ask you to replenish your retainer deposit.

Retainer deposit requirements will depend on the nature of the litigation but retainers generally start at $5,000. Please call my office so that we can discuss your specific lawsuit.


Bankruptcy services, both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, are priced on a flat fee basis. What I quote you during your initial consultation is what you will pay for your entire bankruptcy.

Pricing for business bankruptcy is determined on a case-by-case basis because of the unique and complicated challenges involved.

My firm occasionally has special pricing available for consumer bankruptcy. I encourage you to check my bankruptcy website for the best available pricing information.

Contingency Fee Representation

I accept very select plaintiff's cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that my firm does not charge an up-front fee or an hourly fee. If my firm is successful at trial, we will be compensated based upon a percentage of your recovery.

Call Me and Let's Talk

Remember, the information here is just a guide. I welcome you to call my office to set up a time to discuss your specific legal matter. You will be surprised by how cost effective my firm can be in handling your legal needs.