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How Many Scott Johnson ADA Lawsuits go to Trial?

Given my work defending ADA lawsuits, I like to know what others in the field are doing. My staff and I have been researching ADA lawsuits filed here in Sacramento. So far we’ve gone through all of the Scott Johnson ADA lawsuits filed in Sacramento during 2012. What we found surprised us.

We counted over 230 individual lawsuits filed by Scott Johnson in the Eastern District of California in 2012. That is the federal judicial district in which we reside.

Out of all of the lawsuits filed by Scott Johnson in 2012, not a single one has gone to trial. That’s right. Not a single judge or jury has decided a Scott Johnson lawsuit filed in 2012 in Sacramento.

A vast majority of the lawsuits were dismissed as a result of a settlement. The settlement agreements are typically confidential and are not required to be submitted to the court. So there is no way of knowing the specifics of each settlement.

Not all of the cases filed in 2012 have been closed, either. The pace of litigation here in the Eastern District is quite slow. A typical civil trial can be scheduled over two years after the filing of the initial complaint. That's why we are looking at 2012 cases. We will keep our eyes on the few remaining open cases to see what happens.

Our research into these abusive ADA lawsuits continues. However, my advice continues to be the same: the best defense is a good offense. As a business owner or commercial landlord in California, you really owe it to yourself to have your property inspected by a CASp inspector. The bottom line is that your property needs to be ADA compliant to avoid being sued by these predatory plaintiffs.

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