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Business Law in Sacramento

Businesses in Sacramento face all manner of legal problems on a day to day basis: labor claims, unreasonable demands from clients and vendors, threats of ADA lawsuits, and complex laws that seem to change every month.

Because of these specialized business law issues, Sacramento business owners should turn to an attorney that specializes in business law.

Hiring a business lawyer ensures that your attorney knows the specific area of law related to your case. Because some high-profile laws are changing often, it is critical that your attorney stays informed of recent developments to the law.

Business lawyers typically only represent management and business owners — not plaintiffs. This is important because a lawyer that specializes in defending businesses in court will have a business owner’s best interests in mind at all times.

As a business owner himself, Rick understands the complexities of running a business in Sacramento. Combined with his nine years in California politics, Rick can assist a business of any size navigate ever-changing laws that can have a real legal impact on an organization.

Do not hesitate to contact Rick Morin with business law questions. He can be reached at the office at (916) 333-2222.