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ADA Lawsuit Results

A client recently left some great feedback on my Yelp page regarding an ADA lawsuit that I worked on. I am very proud of my work defending California business owners in ADA cases. Feedback like this is why I fight the good fight every day. You can read the review on Yelp here.

"Let me tell you the story of two ADA cases. My mother owns a business that was sued recently by a drive by ADA lawyer. She freaked out because another similar business was also sued for similar ADA violations and his case was on-going for several months before hers.

My mother asked me to research for defense lawyers because she knows that there are lawyers out there who's sole purpose is to rip off their clients. Luckily, I found Mr. Morin from reading various ADA defense blogs. I am so glad we found him because he was excellent, quick, and conscientious. From the results, it is obvious that his expertise is ADA abuse defense.

In addition to his work and honesty, his fees were lower than other lawyers. The greatest thing about Mr. Morin is that he only charges what he works on. In interviewing various lawyers, the one thing we noticed consistently was that other lawyers charges more than twice as much for retainer fees as Mr. Morin. Moreover, these other "lawyers," which I enclose in quotes because I believe they are not lawyers, but predators. They all insisted on charging the clients for work by more than one lawyer. ADA cases aren't criminal defense, so why do they need to assign more than one lawyer to work on a case at a time? Simple, it's because they can, and they will fleece you if they could.

The lawyers we interviewed and the one who represented the other business charged three times as much as Mr. Morin because they insisted on having multiple lawyers and a "helper" to work the case. It's ridiculous but it's true. Just pick up a phone and call around.

In the end, Mr. Morin settled our case quickly and at a fraction of the cost of what the other business eventually ended paying. We were only charged by Mr. Morin for actual hours worked and he even returned the excess of our original retainer fee because it was settled so quickly. We were shocked by how quickly our case settled and how little he charged (and how low the settlement was). He was fantastic and honestly could have doubled his fees and we would have gladly paid it. Mr. Morin may be one of the last honest lawyers in the business.

So how did the other business fare? The other business that was sued ended up paying in excess of fives the original retainer fee, due to having two "lawyers" and a "secretary" working on the case. In addition to the lawyer fees, they ended up settling the case for fives times what we ended up settling through Mr. Morin. How could the numbers be so different for similar ADA cases? That's easy, we had a good lawyer and the other gentleman hired a bunch of sharks. You know what he told us? He said, "you get what you pay for." Apparently, that's true, but in reverse.

So to summarize, our case settled within two weeks versus two months for the other business. We got a refund of the partial retainer fee versus the other business paying 15 times as much (I'll let you do the math). Our settlement fee was one fifth the amount that the other party ended up paying to settle their case. You noticed a theme here?

If you're a victim of ADA lawsuit abuse, please be careful as you may be victimized twice, once by the ADA lawyer, and again by the so called "defense" lawyer. My mother received a letter from a defense lawyer offering his services before her lawsuit even arrived. How did this so called defense lawyer know that she was about to get sued? I suspect that they were in cahoots with each other. Most ADA lawsuits are scams to rip off business owners. Do not get victimized twice by unscrupulous lawyers, once by the ADA abuse litigator and again by the ADA defense "lawyers."

One last note is that our business location is in Santa Clara even though Mr. Morin's office is in Sacramento. We communicated via Email and phone. Don't waste your time and money (and sanity) by going through a local lawyer who may or may not have your best interest. I know from experience that some lawyers see their clients as just a walking check book.

If you're sued for ADA violations, do yourself a favor and call Mr. Morin."

If you have any questions regarding ADA lawsuits, please contact my office immediately. I can be reached at (916) 333-2222.